Česká asociace rogainingu a horského orientačního běhu

  • Výběrové řízení na pořadatele MS 2022

    Abychom mohli připravit žádost, zkuste si prosím do konce února promyslet, ve které atraktivní lokalitě ještě nikdy žádný rogáč nebyl. Neměly by tam žít chráněné potvory, dobré vztahy s místními myslivci/lesáky vítány :-). A případné zájemce o pořádání prosím, aby se ozvali mně, Sádlovi nebo oběma. Zatím zveřejňuji plný text výzvy i s příslušnými dokumenty:

    The IRF is now seeking Expressions of Interest (EoI) to host 18th World Rogaining Championships in 2022 (18WRC2022). It is essential that any WRC Host is committed and able to maintain the high technical and organizational standard required for the pinnacle event in world rogaining and meet all reasonable expectations of the regular WRC participants. The technical, financial and administrative obligations are specified in the Host Agreement and the registration process in the Entry Criteria.

    Should the WRC Host wish to deviate from historical and usual WRC practice including but not limited to modification to the IRF Rules of Rogaining, the Host Agreement or the Entry Criteria to meet local laws or conditions this must be set out in the EoI. As stated in the Host Agreement the WRC Host can only make rules for the WRC that are inconsistent with and/or additional to the IRF Rules of Rogaining if approved in writing by the IRF WRC Manager and any request for such rule adjustments must be made in writing by the WRC Host not less than six months prior to the WRC.

    IRF Members wishing to conduct 18WRC2022 must submit an Expression of Interest (EoI) that is in accordance with the guidelines contained in the attached document Requirements for Expressions of Interest.

    The EoI must be submitted not later than 31 March 2019 and will be available for the IRF Council consideration and assessment for a period of four weeks during April/May 2019. Voting by the IRF Council to select the 18WRC2022 host shall be completed by end May 2019.

    The IRF has adopted World Rogaining Championships Host Policy defining requirements for potential WRC Hosts and WRC Rotation Policy ensuring regular rotation of WRC locations around the regions of the world. Copies of both these documents are attached. Final also please note that all ceremonies associated with the WRC shall be consistent with the WRC Ceremonies Guideline.

    In accordance with to the WRC Rotation Policy the first opportunity to provide formal Expressions of Interest (EoI) to host that WRC will be given to proponents from the Preferred region. For 18WRC2022 the Preferred region is Europe.

    If no EoI considered suitable by the IRF Council is received from the Preferred region then the EoI for that WRC will be opened up to all regions. Dead line of the second round EoIs (if required) is the end of June 2019.

    Jan Tojnar, WRC Manager